Never Accept Less Than Your Best (Duration: 30 min)
We are all birthed into this world packed full of potential and pregnant with possibility.  That’s a fact!  But, it’s our responsibility to treasure each day God gives us and give it our very best.  This speech teaches youth  how to persevere through life’s challenges and continue to give it their all in whatever they do.

Success is a Choice (Duration: 30 min) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

If you want to succeed, it’s up to you. It’s that simple.  Sure, there are external factors that can make the journey difficult, but each person has the ability to choose success over failure on a daily basis. This speech will teach youth the critical components of success and empower them to own their choice for it.

10 Things Every Teen Should Know About Sex (Duration: 1 hr)

In today's sexually overdosed society, our youth are bombarded with a myriad of definitions and standards on the topic of sex.  And unfortunately, most of what they hear on the radio or see on television isn't true.  This seminar aims to teach youth the 10 things that they absolutely should know about sex before they become an adult.


"Can't say enough about how impactful your seminar was for our students.  Typically, students are disengaged and distracted during seminars, but the level of participation during yours was just amazing!  We sincerely thank you for sharing critical information with our students that will enable them to be successful." – Choices, Montgomery County Workforce Investment Board