​"Thank you so much for the informative and fun seminar on personal branding.  I never really thought about myself as a "brand" before, but now I see how my brand affects my opportunities.  I'll be defining my brand today and plan to begin making choices that are consistent with it in order for me to be successful." - Personal Branding, Texas A&M University

“I just wanted to express how I was touched by your teaching and testimony last Friday evening at Enon’s Soulfood Singles Ministry.  I know that it is not easy giving a “PERSONAL” testimony because it reveals a piece of yourself to the world.  But the purposes of testimonies are to give GOD the glory for what he has done in our lives and to touch other people (and that is what you did).  I am blissfully happy to know there are men in this day and time, who are truly saved and WANT to live their life for GOD.  I thank GOD for using you. I think HIM for letting me hear you speak on being equally yoked and your story.  Again it really touched me, as I know it touched others.” – Single & Celibate, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

"The presenter was extremely engaging and our students thoroughly enjoyed the content shared.  We've gotten numerous emails from students since attending the seminar expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to stretch their minds and prepare for their future." – Decisions, Howard University
"Can't say enough about how impactful your seminar was for our students.  Typically, students are disengaged and distracted during seminars, but the level of participation during yours was just amazing!  We sincerely thank you for sharing critical information with our students that will enable them to be successful." – Choices, Montgomery County Workforce Investment Board
“We would like to formally thank you for coming to our school and giving our students a very insightful lesson on abstinence and making the right choices when it comes to sex before marriage. Your motivational speaking helped our students grasp a better knowledge on the choices they we will soon have to make.” – Celibacy & The 21st Century, Springfield Middle School