Personal Development:

Never Accept Less Than Your Best (Duration: 1 hr)
We are all birthed into this world packed full of potential and pregnant with possibility.  That’s a fact!  But, it’s our responsibility to treasure each day God gives us and give it our very best.  This workshop teaches attendees how to persevere through life’s challenges and continue to give it their all in whatever they do.

As A Man Thinketh, So Is He (Duration: 1 hr)

Our thoughts have the power to propel us to greatness or torpedo us into disaster.  In order to be successful in life, one must learn to control their thoughts on a continual basis.  Things will not always go your way, but your ability to take charge of the thoughts that reside in your mind will be the difference between a life of fulfillment or one mired with frustration.  This seminar will teach participants the power of their own thoughts and provide key strategies on how to harness them.

Success is a Choice (Duration: 1 hr)

If you want to succeed, it’s up to you. It’s that simple. Sure, there are external factors that can make the journey difficult, but each person has the ability to choose success over failure, courage over fear, and hope over despair, on a daily basis. This seminar will teach participants the critical components of success and empower them to own their choice for it.

Personal Branding: Why What You Do and How You Do It Matters (Duration: 1 hr)

Many times, people are unaware of how their actions and behavior can have a negative impact on the opportunities available to them. This seminar will teach attendees that they are a walking advertisement and each experience someone has with them is an opportunity to make a positive or negative brand impression. As with any popular brand, the value of one’s personal brand is defined by number of “satisfied customers.”