Loving God and Finding Love:  How to Date God's Way (Duration: 1.5 hr) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

Dating doesn't always have to end in compromise for a Christian.  It also doesn't have to be boring or uninspiring either.  This workshop is for the individual that's tired of compromise, tired of the "games," and is ready to try doing something different to get a different result.  Ultimately, this workshop will teach attendees how to enjoy the dating process while still honoring God.

Why It's Important To Be Equally Yoked (Duration: 1 hr)

So, what's the big deal about being "equally yoked?"  This is a question that a lot of people have and they struggle with the reality that being "equally yoked" is of importance in their relationships.  Oftentimes, it is thought of as it relates to male/female dating relationships, but this principle extends far beyond those types and actually applies to all relationships.  This seminar will teach attendees what it means to be "equally yoked," why it's important, and equip them with a few tips to apply in their lives to secure positive and sustainable relationships.

Before "I do" (Duration: 1.5 hr)

The period to time between singleness and marriage is critical.  Unfortunately, many waste this time worrying about "getting a man" or "being a player" and miss the opportunity to grow spiritually and better prepare themselves for their future mate.  This workshop will provide attendees with the 5 key activities that they should be focused on before before saying "I do."

“I just wanted to express how I was touched by your teaching and testimony last Friday evening at Enon’s Soulfood Singles Ministry.  I know that it is not easy giving a “PERSONAL” testimony because it reveals a piece of yourself to the world.  But the purposes of testimonies are to give GOD the glory for what he has done in our lives and to touch other people (and that is what you did).  I am blissfully happy to know there are men in this day and time, who are truly saved and WANT to live their life for GOD.  I thank GOD for using you. I think HIM for letting me hear you speak on being equally yoked and your story.  Again it really touched me, as I know it touched others.” – Single & Celibate, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church