​Personal Branding: Why What You Do and How You Do It Matters (Duration: 1 hr) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO
Many times, people are unaware of how their actions and behavior can have a negative impact on the opportunities available to them. This seminar will teach attendees that they are a walking advertisement and each experience someone has with them is an opportunity to make a positive or negative brand impression. As with any popular brand, the value of one’s personal brand is defined by number of “satisfied customers.”

Interview Swag: Getting A Job Can Be Fun (Duration: 1 hr) - CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO
Job interviews can be very stressful situations, but they don’t have to be when prepared for properly. Much of the angst is derived from an uncertainty around the questions that will be asked. This workshop will teach attendees how to prepare for a job interview in a way that enables them to be ready for any and all questions that might be asked so that they can exude confidence and get the job!
You Have A Degree, Now What? (Duration: 1 hr)
While the journey to obtain a degree is filled with challenges, it’s often the road after that presents the most obstacles. If unprepared, students can find themselves in a job, but not moving ahead. This workshop will provide students with the know-how to create their own roadmap to success in their post-collegiate lives.

​"Thank you so much for the informative and fun seminar on personal branding.  I never really thought about myself as a "brand" before, but now I see how my brand affects my opportunities.  I'll be defining my brand today and plan to begin making choices that are consistent with it in order for me to be successful." - Personal Branding, Texas A&M University